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All manufactures list the CFM and Airflow Efficiency (Airflow at High divided by Watts used on the top of the box), this is a requirement of the EPA.

The term CFM represents the total cubic feet per minute of airflow on the ceiling fan while at high speed using standard size blades The higher the airflow that more you will feel the breeze of the ceiling fan and thus making you feel cooler. Most ceiling fans available in the mass market or big box stores are rated between 4000 and 5500 CFM which is adequate for a bedroom or small living space. Our most popular ceiling fan model the Raindance ceiling fan produces 8165 CFM at high and 5625 CFM at medium which is sufficient for a large living area and or outdoors, . Airflow is a component of the size of the motor and the pitch of the blade. The larger the motor and the higher the pitch the more airflow will be produced. Since most people typically never run their ceiling fan on high due to wind noise and or possible fan wobbling it is more important to get a fan with a higherCFM if possible.

In additional to CFM all ceiling fans are required to show Airflow efficiency, this is the CFM at high speed divided by the wattage used. Typically the higher the number the more efficient the fan will be in regard to energy usage. Since most fans are rated between 4000 and 5500 CFM at high using around 69 Watts the efficiency would be 5000 CFM / 69-Watts = 72.47 Efficiency Rating, as an example our Raindance model listed above has a higher CFM rating at medium than many of the ceiling fans in the market at 5625 CFM / 59.5-Watts = 94.5 Efficiency Rating.

Here at Dan's Fan City we strive to offer the best quality and performance on our entire line-up of ceiling fans. Hopefully this brief explanation will help you understand the terms CFM and Airflow Efficiency. Please let us know if you have any questions in regard to CFM and Airflow Efficiency at toll free 1-855-326-7352.

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