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How do I determine the size (blade size) of a ceiling fan?

The blade size, or sweep, of a fan is determined by taking the distance from the edge of one blade to the center of the motor and then doubling that number. For example, if the distance between the edge of one blade and the center of the motor is 26”, you would have a 52” (26” x 2 = 52”) sweep ceiling fan.

The sweep of the ceiling fan is one of the most important considerations when choosing a fan for your room. If your fan blades are too small you won’t have the proper airflow coverage or circulation. If your blade size is too large, you run the risk of over-dominating the space and making the room appear smaller than it actually is. That being said, the biggest size you can fit without overwhelming the space the better. Larger sweep ceiling fans move more air for less operating cost.

The most common blade sweep, or standard size, for a ceiling fan is 52”. 52” ceiling fans are designed to cover rooms ranging from 10’ x 10’ up to 16’ x 16’ depending on the motor size (remember motor size is different from fan size/sweep. For more on motor size, follow the link). When you think about it, the majority of rooms in most houses fall within, or close to, that range. The following is a general guideline for Dan’s Ceiling Fans in relation to room size:

6’ x 6’ or less 26” or 31” sweep
8’ x 8’ or less 36” sweep
10’ x 10’ or less 42” sweep
10’ x 10’ up to 16’ x 16’ 52” sweep
16’ x 16’ up to 18’ x 18’ 56” sweep
16’ x 16’ up to 25’ x 25’ 58” or 60” sweep
18’ x 18’ and up 72” or 80” sweep (The max room size for these fans is 30’ x 30’)

*Please remember to consider the motor size in addition to the sweep size when selecting your ceiling fan

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